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KHAN ACADEMY - Eletronic Transport Chain [17:15]
Excellent in-depth discussion of NADH and the production of ATP
When watching, imagine if the cellular NADH was depleted

NADH is discussed throughout the 17:15 min discussion


KHAN ACADEMY - Krebs Cycle or Citric Cycle [17:46]
Excellent in-depth discussion of Krebs Cycle
This is the step before the Electronic Transport Chain

NADH is discussed in the following locations:

  • ~5:00 into the lesson

  • ~7:40 into the lesson

  • ~10:08 into the lesson

  • ~10:40 into the lesson (volume of NADH created)

  • ~13:00 discusses NADH creates ATPs

  • -16:00 summary of energy created in the Krebs Cycle