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CFS Treatments with NADH provide relief

72% of CFS/ME patients experience improvements of CFS symptoms with NADH. Check CFS forum under what is CFS for NADH success.

Summary: Good news, 72% Order NADH to treat CFSof the patients in a CFS study reported positive improvements when taking 10mg of NADH daily.  The NY Daily News and other publications reported these findings from a clinical study which was performed under the watchful eyes of one of the best research hospitals in the county Georgetown University Medical Center

NADH is a daily nutritional supplementThe Doctors who performed the clinical study recently stated that if they had used a higher NADH daily dosage in the clinical testing -- the tests would have provided much better results. They now recommend a CFS patient should take 60mg to 80mg of NADH daily to experience the same positive improvements realized in the study, as well as receiving a general increase in energy levels.  Depending on CFS severity, the age of the patient and the length of time since their first diagnosis results from the study may vary.  A CFS patient consuming 10mg of NADH daily could take up to 6 months to experience the positive improvements realized in the clinical study tests.  The most recent recommendation is 60mg to 80mg of NADH daily to recognize better results or quicker results than those obtained in the clinical studies.   


Clinical Study & Publications (click on the link to download):

Read the Clinical Studies & Publications

NY Daily News reports NADH helps 72% of the people in a CFS Clinical Trial

CFS Study Abstract on NADH Clinical Testing from American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology.  Testing found a potential indicator of CFS

Detailed CFS Study from the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Vol. 82, pp. 185-191


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Successfully Treating CFS with NADH
Dr Birkmayer is making the presentation  [00:32]



CBS Reports:
The positive effects of NADH on CFS Chronic Fatigue   [02:00]


All-In-One Video:  ABC / CBS / NBC reports on NADH's positive effects on Chronic Fatigue   [08:17]


The Full Text of "CFS Relief with NADH"

(This Full Text section may repeat video(s) & clinical study publications found in the Summary)  


The Clinical Testing:

FDA Approved Testing for a non drugIn a Georgetown University Medical Center clinical study, (a study which was approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)), CFS patients were clinically tested in the equivalent of a FDA Phase II safety and efficacy trial. Let me explain -- the FDA testing methods.  For four weeks, half the group of patients received 10mg of the NADH supplement (called ENADA) and the other half of the group got a placebo (a sugar pill). For the next four weeks both groups got nothing.  Then the groups were switched.  The group that received the 10mg of the NADH supplement the first time -- got the placebo for the next four weeks, while the second group received the NADH.   The results: the patients that got the the NADH supplement where four times more likely to say their CFS symptoms got significantly better than those taking the placebo.  After the first FDA approved study was completed, the results were analyzed in detail and the researchers decided to perform a second study.   The researchers performed a second clinical trial where all of the CFS patients were allowed to take the 10mg of the NADH supplement daily.  After a year, 72% of the patients reported improvements in their condition. (See the CFS Clinical Study results in the link below)

Recently, the Doctors that performed the study stated "the clinical trial results would have been far better using a higher daily dosage of NADH." The current recommendation is for a CFS patient to take between 60mg to 80mg of NADH daily to experience positive improvements in their symptoms and a general increase in their energy levels.  Depending on CFS severity, the age of the patient and the length of time since their first diagnosis, it could take up to 6 months to be experience the positive improvements provided by a 10mg NADH daily dosage.

The NADH clinical study results bring new hope for those looking to successfully fight CFS.  In these early clinical tests, the positive improvements provided by NADH were:

  • relief from their fatigue
  • an increase in muscle strength and endurance
  • a boost in their mental and physical energy.
  • clarity of thought and concentration; and an ability to function better 


NADH: A Background

A cellular engine creating ATP life's energyThe NADH CFS relief comes from a coenzyme called NADH or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide with the ‘H’ standing for hydrogen.  What makes NADH a promising CFS treatment is that Mother-Nature uses NADH to create mental and physical energy (called ATP).  ATP energy creation takes place in a process called "cellular respiration."  Cellular respiration is not breathing.  Cellular respiration is like a car engine where fuel and air come together to make power.  Cellular respiration is a cellular engine.  An cellular engine that creates the power for all living things (i.e., thought, memory recall, concentration, muscle movement, heart beats, etc.). Within the cellular respiration engine, all human cells bring glucose (the fuel) and oxygen (the air) together, and with the spark of NADH (the spark plug) creates ATP life's energy and power. Science has successfully reproduced the NADH co-enzyme in a stabilize form. NADH is now a dietary nutritional supplement.  For more information about NADH in Mother-Nature, review this website’s section called The Guided Tour.

The Doctors that have tested NADH on CFS patients have stated:

  • NADH is a safe, natural compound that has shown much promise with patients in Europe.
  • Much more extensive research is needed.
  • This clinical trials for the treatment of CFS patients are significant steps down a long road to investigate the many potential benefits of this natural coenzyme called NADH.

NADH is a coenzyme.   The American Heritage Dictionary defines a coenzyme as:

  • a non-protein organic substance that usually contains a vitamin or mineral and combines with a specific protein, to form an active enzyme system

NADH is not a drug, not a stimulant (like caffeine) and even in large dosages it is non-toxic.  NADH was tested for 26 weeks at 1,000 mg daily, and no adverse side effects were identified.  Because NADH is already found within every human cell, it can safely be taken with any other medication. After extensive safety testing, NADH was proven to not have any negative side effects and no adverse drug interactions. See this website’s section called Safety First for more information.

The most important things to remember about the NADH, it is already found in every human cell, and::

  • NADH increases the levels of cell energy (ATP).  Clinical studies prove the more NADH the cells have -- the more ATP energy cells produce.   NADH increases cell longevity. 
  • NADH is a powerful antioxidant, and a scavenger of free radicals. According to Dr. Passwater, “NADH may just be the most powerful antioxidant”
  • NADH is the active ingredient in cellular tissue repair.  NADH actively repairs damaged cells.
  • NADH plays a critical role in the repair of cellular DNA.   Damage cellular DNA leads to more than 80+ degenerative diseases.   
  • NADH stimulates the immune system
  • NADH enhances the production of the brain chemicals like dopamine.  Dopamine is a very important brain chemical also known as a neurotransmitter). 
  • NADH increases the bio-availability of nitric oxide, known to provide increased blood flow, oxygen delivery, glucose uptake, muscle velocity, power output, and muscle growth


CFS: The Illness

CFS is marked by progressive or persistent fatigue, tiredness, muscle aches and pains, headaches and a sore throat. CFS begins with flu-like symptoms followed by months or even years of lethargy, weakness, and an inability to concentrate.   Although the exact cause of CFS is unknown, many patients exhibit signs of:

  • brain inflammation
  • immune system abnormalities
  • hormonal deficiencies
  • viral infections

CFS is difficult to identify and difficult to diagnose. The Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the National Institute of Health (NIH) have stated, "CFS suffers must have at least four of the following CFS symptoms, persistently for six or more consecutive months." The symptoms are:

  1. problems with short-term memory and an inability to concentrate
  2. progressive or persistent fatigue
  3. a sore throat
  4. tender lymph nodes
  5. unexplained muscle pain or pain in the joints without swelling or redness
  6. headaches of in a new pattern or severity
  7. un-refreshing sleep
  8. a tiredness which persists more than 24 hours after exertion (like exercise)

CFS is not new. The first CFS cases were reported over 100 years ago. Previously, CFS has been referred to by several names including:

  • In the mid-1980s, the Yuppie Flu
  • Epstein Barr Syndrome
  • Epstein Barr Virus
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS)

    Studies have shown that CFS is one of the most misdiagnosed diseases. CFS has been misdiagnosed as an "imaginary disease" for nearly a century. How long and how often CFS has been misdiagnosed is hard to determine. There are no known cures. There are no known doctor- approved therapies or treatments. The causes of CFS are unknown. Experts believe that CFS causes the body's immune system to "go berserk" but they're not sure why.

    CFS: Who Will Be Affected?

    The CDC and NIH believe that it is not always possible to know "who will be affected" by CFS, but the following facts can help: 

    • The CDC believes the recent rise in reported CFS cases could approach near epidemic levels in the next 20 years
    • Today, 1 in every 16 people in the US may suffer from CFS symptoms
    • In a recent research study, the study found "most CFS patients reported their troubles began after mononucleosis, a viral infection, or after a very stressful event"
    • 80% of the CFS cases are women
    • The majority of first reported CFS symptoms are in people between the ages of 20 to 40 years old
    • CFS cases among school-age children and young adults were rare but now are on a dramatic rise for some unknown reason
    • Most of these school-age CFS cases occur with victims that have had a history of allergies or other conditions that required significant antibiotic treatments

      The most severe phase of CFS can last for 18 months or more. During a CFS severe phase, the victim could sleep nearly 20 hours a day. CFS sufferers experience intense muscle and joint pain without any associated redness or swelling. CFS sufferers have reported problems with short term memory, concentration and cognitive functions. Some patients have said, CFS reduces a person’s ability to function to less than one hour per day.


      CFS: Diagnosis & Current Treatment:
      Most CFS patients and their doctors are not aware of NADH nutritional supplements or the results NADH is a  Successful CFS Treatmentof the FDA-approved CFS Clinical Trial.   Look closely at this chart.   There are no NADH Treatments listed within this chart of 106 Chronic Fatigue treatments.

      Current, Chronic Fatigue treatment techniques vary.  Most CFS treatments are dietary (a healthy diet.) The CDC and the NIH say:  Any drugs that are prescribed for CFS are aimed at treating the short term symptoms and not the cause of CFS.

      Dr. Charles Lapp, a medical advisor to the Chronic Fatigue And Immune Dysfunction Syndrome Association says:  The best therapy we have is "aggressive rest."   When you feel the disease coming on, you've just got to stop what you're doing and rest.

      When a patient is first diagnosed with CFS, their first reported complaint is "their persistent and progressive lack of energy and being tired all the time."



      A cell depleted of ATP energyWith this knowledge, it stands to reason, the lack of physical or mental energy is due to the lack of ATP (ATP is life’s energy) within the cell.  Every living cell produces energy.  That energy is called ATP.   The brain uses ATP to provide: thinking, memory recall, concentration, mental clarity, decision making, etc.   The muscles use ATP to provide: heart beats, muscle movement, stamina, physical endurance, etc. (For more information about ATP, see this website’s section called ATP Energy .) Clinical studies have proven, the more NADH a cell has, the more ATP energy the cell produces. (This study can also be found in a link listed below).  NADH is as important as oxygen (air) and glucose (digested food) in the production of ATP energy.  For more information about Mother Nature's production of NADH, see this website’s section called  The Guided Tour.

      A cell with increased NADH will increase with ATP energyThe brain and muscles need to contain high levels of NADH.   If the cell's NADH levels are depleted, the brain and muscles no longer function properly.  It is NOT known how NADH becomes depleted in the body.  Today, a scientific breakthrough has enabled NADH to be manufactured in a stabilized form.  A person can easily restore their NADH cellular levels by taking a dietary NADH nutritional supplement.  High NADH levels, means higher levels of energy.  Use ONLY the stabilized form of NADH (See this website's section called Let the Buyer Beware)   Order the same NADH used in the clinical study from this website or other high quality nutritional supplement stores.  A high quality FDA licensed laboratory environment is used to manufacture the NADH available here.  It ensures that each and every tablet or lozenge is of the highest, professional grade standard.  

      Take a copy of the clinical study to your doctor or healthcare professional to discuss your options. The clinical study is yours to take. 


      Read the clinical studies and publications

      Clinical Studies & Publications (click on the link to download):

      NY Daily News reports NADH helps 72% of the people in a CFS Clinical Trial

      CFS Study Abstract on NADH Clinical Testing from American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology.  Testing found a potential indicator of CFS

      Detailed CFS Study from the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Vol. 82, pp. 185-191

      Clinical Trial Establishes that NADH is an Effective Chronic Fatigue Treatment

      NADH is a Revolutionary Treatment from Fatigue

      The Higher Level of NADH in the Blood - The Higher the ATP Energy in the Cell

      CFIDS Conference states NADH a safe naturally occurring substance useful in treating CFS



      The Video SectionVideo Section:




      Successfully Treating CFS with NADH
      Dr Birkmayer is making the presentation  [00:32]

      CBS Reports on NADH
      And its effects on CFS - Chronic Fatigue   [02:00]


      All-in-one video:  
      ABC / CBS / NBC reports on NADH's positive effects on
      CFS - Chronic Fatigue   [08:17]


      NADH Study Demonstrates Significant Improvement against Fatigue   [00:19]


      CFS = Chronic Fatigue Syndrome