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How Safe is NADH? Tests prove NADH is very safe

NADH can be safely taken with other medications

The following questions are asked of us, by many of our first time customers: 

1) Can NADH be taken with other medications?
Answer: Yes! NADH is already found within every living cell in the human body. Clinical testing and 30 years of consumers taking a daily NADH nutritional supplement has proven NADH can be safely taken with all other drugs, medications, special diets, vitamins, treatments, etc.

Always seek the advice of a qualified physician or healthcare professional when taking any nutritional substance. When discussing NADH with your Doctor, tell them to remember NADH already exists in every cell of your body.  NADH is creating ATP, the energy used to power all living things (i.e., thought, memory, muscle movement, heart beats, etc.).

2) How much NADH does the body need?
Answer: Your body will use only as much NADH as it needs, and it excretes of the rest.  Clinical testing has proven that as a person gets older NADH levels within the body become depleted.  This happens even in the healthiest of people.  For example: Olympic athletes that take NADH improve their performance scores.  Their scores would not improve if the NADH did not effect the athlete in a positive way.  Unlike many vitamins, NADH does not build up to toxic levels in the cell.

3) Are there any side effects?  How much NADH is too much? and Are toxic levels ever reached?
Answer: NADH has gone through extensive clinical testing to find the answers to these questions.  The findings: NADH has achieved outstanding safety and tolerance test results. The clinical testing has found NADH to be very safe. The human body does not produce NADH. NADH must be obtained from your diet. The body uses only the NADH it needs.

Unlike many vitamins, NADH does not build up to toxic levels in the cell.

In clinical testing, NADH DID NOT reach toxic-levels even when both male and female lab test animals were given 1,000 mg/kg in a single dose. The animals were observed for 14 days. After 14 days of observation -- All of the lab animals were still normal.  There are NO NADH TOXIC effects noticed.  If this toxic-testing were transferred into human terms, it would translate into a single injection of 70,000 mg (seventy thousand mg) of NADH into a 150 lb person. The person can tolerate that large NADH dosage without complication. This dosage is equivalent to 14,000 5mg tablets in one day.

In another longevity toxicity test, the lab animals were fed one 5mg NADH tablet daily, for 26 weeks. In human terms, this would translate into 1,000 mg of NADH daily for 26 weeks (6 months). The clinical study results concluded: There were NO NEGATIVE clinical signs that could be related to excessive NADH.

4) It has been said, NADH energizes the human body, is it like caffeine?  How Safe is taking a NADH Supplement?
Answer: NADH is not a drug, nor a stimulant.  NADH has been clinically tested and found that it does not interfere with other medications, drugs, treatment programs, diets, vitamins, etc.  The more NADH a cell has, the Safety is Always Firstmore ATP the cell will produce.   ATP is life's energy used to power all living things (i.e., thought, memory, muscle movement, heart beats, etc.). That is the energy NADH delivers.

NADH clinical research is ongoing both in the United States and abroad. Current research and approved clinical testing are being conducted under the watchful eyes of many leading US research hospitals while they are exploring NADH's full potential.

5) What do other people say? What do consumers say?
Answer: The are many thousands of people around the world taking a daily NADH nutritional supplement and the number of people taking NADH is growing.  My wife and I, my teenage kids and all of us at The NADH Store take a daily NADH nutritional supplement. There is a large amount of consumer experience with NADH.  Many consumers and a large number of patients take the same NADH found within this website.  And that is the most convincing evidence concerning NADH safety.


A dosage of 1000 mg of NADH daily was administered for 26 weeks (6 months); it showed no adverse symptoms related to taking very large dosages of NADH.  People obtain NADH from their diet and like many other supplements: a daily nutritional supplement is needed.  

NADH is a substance found in ever cell within the human body already. NADH is needed to create energy within our cells (our body) that powers all living things (for example in the brain: thinking, memory recall, concentration, focus, decision making; --- for example in the muscles: movement of muscles, running, jumping, coordination, balance, heart beats, inhaling air, etc.; --- and for example in human physiological functions: creating ATP cellular energy, antioxidants and free radical scavenger, immune system, cellular DNA repair, tissue repair, production of brain chemicals, and bio-availability of nitric oxide.

Many important outside groups have reviewed the NADH supplement data. Research hospitals have reviewed the NADH data for safety before they will use it in their testing.  The two important groups that you would be familiar with are: 1) The FDA reviewed NADH data and stamped it as FDA Approved Safe for clinically trials.  2) The International Olympics Committee has reviewed the NADH supplement data and approved it as: a non-drug, as a non-stimulant and is safe for use by Olympic Athletes.  

The NADH supplements supplied by us, The NADH Store, are considered so safe (even in large dosages) that individual dosage levels may be custom tailored to suit individual issues and concerns. This website is dedicated to exploring the answers to those "custom tailoring" questions.


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Always seek the advice of a qualified physician or healthcare professional when taking any nutritional substance.