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Sleep Deprived? - NADH improves alertness

Study shows chronic sleep deprivation effects dangerous, NADH successfully treats the symptoms of sleep deprivation and side effects of sleep deprivation

Order NADH for the sleep deprivedSummary: The Sleep-Wake Disorders Director at NY Presbyterian Hospital, states, "NADH is the first non-stimulant product to show signs of improved cognitive [thinking] performance despite increased sleepiness and fatigue following [up to 24 hrs of] sleep deprivation"

To be consistent with the Sleep Deprivation Study, the recommendation is 20mg of NADH to achieve its beneficial effects in combating sleep deprivation. The positive effects should be felt in one hour after taking the NADH.  

Before NADH[ <BEFORE Nadh]  NADHAfter NADH is not a drug, and not a stimulant.  It is Mother Nature’s way to increase the brain cell activity associated with enhanced mental performance, thinking capabilities, decision making, and executive functioning for those that have become sleep deprived

.                  [AFTER Nadh] 




Clinical studies and publications

Clinical Study Publication (click on the link to download):

Sleep Deprived - Research shows NADH in Brain Tissue Increases Cognitive Performance


The Video Section

Positive effects of NADH in the Sleep Deprivation Study [00:39]



Full Text of "Sleep Deprivation and NADH"

(This Full Text section may repeat video(s) & clinical study publications found in the Summary)  

Clinical Testing: Sleep Deprivation Study

How many hours of sleep do we needA NADH nutritional supplement was clinically tested in a NY Presbyterian Hospital Sleep Deprivation Study.  NADH was found to improve the cognitive functioning or "thinking performance" following 24 hours of sleep deprivation.

Sleep deprivation is a common problem affecting most people sometime in their life. It impacts an otherwise healthy individual who cross time zones, or works during evening hours, or works the night shift.  Sleep deprivation is also common for those with infant children, or students who stay up all night studying. It impacts patients with sleep disorders, certain psychiatric disorders, and medical conditions such as those that produce chronic pain.

Sleep deprivation leads to a decline in cognitive performance (a thinking ability), impacting the quality of waking time and, if severe enough, can lead to bad situations, vehicle collisions and other negative occupational consequences like work related mistakes or work related accidents. 

NADH has been used to help CFS patients increase energy and alertness. Since NADH could increase alertness than -- why couldn't NADH help people reduce the effects of jet lag.  So a clinical trial was arranged to test NADH -- to help people with the symptoms of sleepiness caused by sleep deprivation.  The tests wanted to prove that NADH will increase alertness caused by the lack of sleep and study the results under a carefully run clinically trial.  The Result: under rigorous testing and the watchful eyes of a research hospital -- the clinical trial proved NADH’s effectiveness as the first non-stimulant product to show signs of improved cognitive [thinking] performance despite increased sleepiness and fatigue following 24 hours of sleep deprivation.

In White Plains, N.Y. Researchers in the Sleep-Wake Disorders Center of N.Y. Weill Cornell Medical Center, clinically tested (stabilized) NADH to improve alertness, mood, and performance on cognitive or thinking ability tasks.  There were 25 healthy middle-aged adults tested. The tests were performed after one night of total sleep deprivation.  The NADH Sleep Deprivation study was a double-blind, crossover study. In double-blind studies, the patients, the doctors, the nurses, and the research administrators monitoring the results DO NOT KNOW which patients received the NADH and which patients received the placebo (the sugar pill.) 

The clinical study results proved the NADH recipient subjects performed significantly better on some measures of cognitive performance following one night (up to 24 hours) of total sleep deprivation when compared to those subjects taking the placebo (the sugar pill).  One hour after consuming 20mg of NADH, the overall performance efficiency (number of correct answers per minute) for the subjects taking NADH was significantly higher than for those subjects taking a placebo.  In a second analysis, after taking NADH, math throughput and visual sequence comparison speed were also significantly better for those subjects taking the NADH.  All 25 subjects provided self-reported alertness, feeling of sleepiness, and mood. The self-reported and feeling of sleepiness were objectively quantified.  All 25 subjects (both groups, those taking NADH and those taking the placebo) DID NOT differ in their self reporting comments.  Although several subjects reported the typical effects of sleep deprivation, no adverse effects were attributed to NADH.   Yet the group taking the NADH performed significantly better in cognitive testing.

This study is among the first to rigorously evaluate a non-prescription substance other than stimulants (like coffee or other caffeine drinks) for alleviating the effects of sleep deprivation. Dr. Margaret Moline, the Director (and Lead Researcher) of the Sleep-Wake Disorders Center at the Westchester Division of New York-Presbyterian Hospital in White Plains NY, states, "NADH is the first non-stimulant, non-herbal product to show signs of improved cognitive performance, despite normally reported increased sleepiness and fatigue following sleep deprivation. These results suggest that NADH may have an important role to play in mitigating some in the unavoidable effects of sleep deprivation."


The Sleep Deprived and the Positive Effects of NADH on the Body

The more NADH the cell has the more ATP  the cell producesEnergy is constantly flowing throughout the human body.  Muscles use energy for movement. The brain uses energy for memory recall, thinking, concentration, decision making, attention, co-ordination and more. This picture shows a nerve cell passing electrical impulses. These electrical impulses are energy.  They carry signals that cause cellular energy to make the heart beat, to make the muscles move, and to perform all brain functions.  All of these different energy functions are provided by an energy called ATP.  (For more information on how ATP works, see this website's section called ATP Energy) 

It is a scientific fact, cells with higher levels of NADH, have higher levels of ATP and produce more energy. Science has enabled the manufacture of a stabilized for of NADH, and it is now available as a daily nutritional supplement.  What could be easier than taking a daily nutritional supplement to increase a person’s energy levels and mental performance? 



For more information about the Mother Nature’s production of NADH, see this website’s section called The Guided Tour

NADH is not a drug, not a stimulant (like caffeine) and non-toxic even in large dosages.   NADH was tested for 26 weeks at 1,000mg daily and no negative side effects where observed.  Because NADH is already found within every human cell, NADH can safely be taken with any other medication or medical treatment.   After extensive safety testing, it was proven NADH does not have any negative side effects and no adverse drug interactions.   See this website’s section called Safety First for more information

There are six signs that show you are sleep deprived:

  1. Shorten attention span and not thinking clearly and/or forgetful.  A shortened attention span can result directly from sleep deprivation. Now for the scary part: It can also be irreversible. Leading researchers this year found evidence of brain damage in people suffering from chronic sleep loss.
  2. Making mistakes right and left that a person would not normally make.   Investigators have determined that sleep deprivation played a role in the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger, the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and the nuclear disasters at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl)
  3. High Blood Pressure: There is a high correlation between sleep deprivation and cardiovascular diseases and strokes.
  4. Excessive eating, and gaining weight
  5. An accident occurred either at work -- or while driving -- and it is your fault.  You are clumsy.  Research has proved that EACH YEAR poor sleep or sleep deprivation causes approximately 1 million car crashes, 500,000 injuries, and 8,000 deaths.
  6. Feeling depression symptoms and/or argumentative.  Researchers have proved sleep deprivation triggers depression — especially in teens.  Teenagers who don't get enough sleep are four times as likely to develop major depressive disorder as their peers who sleep more.

This Sleep Deprivation Clinical Study demonstrates:

  • overall mental and cognitive performance efficiency (number of correct answers per minute) was significantly higher when taking NADH.
  • math throughput and visual sequence comparison speed and throughput were significantly better after taking NADH  



NADH a nutritional supplementWith this knowledge it stands to reason, taking a NADH avoids many of the negative symptoms of sleep deprivation.   It is a scientific fact, cells with higher levels of NADH, have higher levels of ATP.  And cells with high levels of ATP produce more energy.   A stabilized for of NADH is now available as a daily nutritional supplement.  What could be easier than taking a daily nutritional supplement to increase a person’s energy levels and mental performance?  Use ONLY the stabilized form of NADH.  (See this website's section called Let the Buyer Beware)  The same NADH used in the sleep deprivation study is available from this website and other high quality nutritional supplement stores.

If you don't feel the positive effects while taking the NADH supplements -- don't worry. Because you bought the NADH from us, at The NADH Store, we will refund your money in full (less shipping costs) within 30 days from the date of purchase -- no questions asked.   There is no risk in trying the NADH you bought from us at The NADH Store.

Once the NADH is in your cells, the positive benefits will become noticeable.  The positive physical and mental effects to treat sleep deprivation should be felt about one hour after taking 20mg of NADH. The NADH Store guarantees you will receive these positive benefits or your money back.  


Clinical studies and publications 

Clinical Study Publication (click the link to download):

Sleep Deprived - Research shows NADH in Brain Tissue Increases Cognitive Performance



The Video Section Video Section:

Positive effects of NADH in the Sleep Deprivation Study [00:39]


Sleep Deprivation successfully being treated with NADH
Dr Birkmayer is making the presentation [01:58]


ABC Coverage of NADH on
Mental Alertness with the Sleep Deprived  [05:42]


Carlos Torres,
A Trucker using NADH to fight Sleep Deprivation  [00:44]


Oz Garcia (famous nutritionist to the Stars) says
NADH is great for cognitive performance improvements [01:13]