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About Us from The NADH Store

New ATP - New found Human Life's EnergyWe write this letter to you -- to share a little about who we are and why we work so hard at getting the abundant amount of NADH info into the hands of the people that need it most. We are not doctors or medical professionals.  We learned about NADH and wanted to share the information with you. ENADA / Co-E1 / NADH is the only product we sell.

An open letter to you,

Do you or someone you know need more energy? It's been said, Youth is wasted on the young.  All the world look at children and admires their energy levels.  As we get older, we expend our youth, and accept the effects of aging. But, what if we could regain our vitality, by just asking God for it. Say it out loud: God, mother nature, I want more energy in my life! After realizing a miracle just happened, some people (like me) would want to know -- What just happened? How did my energy increase? Generally speaking, that is what this website is all about, increasing Life's Energy.

The website teaches: 1) How Mother Nature creates human energy,  2) How anyone can get more of it and 3) What some people do with their new found energy.  These pages talk about world competition athletes using their new energy to improve athletic performance & endurance; Ordinary people using life's energy to relieve stress and fatigue; Students & Professionals using brainenergy to think clearly & brilliantly, to focus their concentration and improve memory; and it speaks about those of us who are getting old and using new physical energy to improve the quality of life, and to prevent or fight deadly degenerative diseases.
It's your new energy; use it to your advantage!

We pray that you use your new energy to make the world a better place to live.
Bill and Andrea O'Neil


The name of our parent company is Renascent Systems.
The word renascent (pronounced: rî-nâ¹sent) comes from the Latin word: 
        renâscent, meaning to be born again.

The American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition defines the word "renascent" as:
        * To be born again; coming again into being; showing renewed growth or vigor.
        * It is what we believe;
        * It is what NADH provides the physical human body.