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Let the Buyer Beware (not all NADH products are alike)


BE CAREFUL!  There a a lot of NADH products on the market.  This website and high quality nutritional supplement stores carry the stabilized form of NADH. Our product is called ENADA.  Remember, only a stabilized form of NADH can provide the benefits shared within the pages of this website. The product available from this website is THE SAME PRODUCT USED in the clinical trials described throughout this website

We can only warns consumers -- take the WRONG NADH nutritional supplement -- there will be NO BENEFICAL effects.   When NADH began showing significant positive benefits for both healthy people and those with serious medical conditions, sales increased.  When NADH sales increased, the copy-cats began to manufacture NADH.  But copy-cat manufactures do not know how to manufacturer NADH in a stabilized form.   It is a patented process that can only occur in an FDA approved manufacturing facility.  

It took many yeas to refine the NADH stabilization process and even more time to obtain the patent for NADH stabilization.   The stabilization process enables NADH to keep its potency for years.   Without NADH stabilization, the NADH potency is gone in less than one month.


  1. Products that do NOT HAVE ANY NADH in its tablet or liquid
  2. Products of NADH produced in a non-stabilized form where the NADH loses its potency in less than month 

What Is On The Label – Is It In the Supplement?

When it comes to nutritional supplements, there are no over-sight, or no watch dog government agencies (like the FDA) that monitors “what is on the label - is in the tablet, lozenge or liquid.”  It seems consumerism is what drives success.  If the nutritional supplement does not provide its stated benefits, consumers no longer buy the product and the product goes out of business.

The company that produces ENADA tested many different NADH products on the market.  All of them failed to provide the NADH potency stated on the label.  It is sad to think someone is taking NADH to achieve a beneficial effects, but it not available to them because of the product they purchased.   

It should be noted here, the products provided from this website are manufactured in a patented process.   Our product:

  • is produced in a high quality FDA licensed laboratory environment
  • each and every tablet or lozenge is of the highest, professional grade standard
  • every manufactured batch of NADH is tested for potency and quality. Every batch meets the dosage that is stated on the product’s label
  • was the same product that was administered in the FDA approved clinical trials (with the FDA over-sight involved)
  • there were/are very many approved clinical trials being conducted under the watchful eyes of many leading US research hospitals. They too insure the NADH potency
  • has thousands of consumes taking the NADH daily nutritional supplement It must work
  • is guaranteed to demonstrate beneficial effects or your money back.
  • is the ONLY product we sell and has been sold from this website since 1995


Of Greatest Concern:

It troubles us in The NADH Store when consumers buy the wrong NADH product.  Without the right product, testing has proven there are no beneficial effects, other than that of a placebo (a sugar pill).

The ENADA brand is NOT THE MOST INEXPENSIVE NADH product on the market.  But if consumers buy the wrong product, it is a total waste of their hard-earned money.  The NADH Store promises to keep the price of the ENADA NADH product, the lowest anywhere around (on the Net, or in the Stores).  You don’t need to look elsewhere for a lower price.  The reader should know that other high quality nutritional supplement stores also sell the ENADA NADH products.   But let the buyer beware.  Make sure it is the stabilized form of NADH using a patented manufactured formula.


A Product By Any Other Name:

Due to many Worldwide Copyright and Distribution issues, the patented formula of NADH is sold under many different names.   The list below contains the most common names of the product.  If you have a NADH product you would like to use -- contact us / email us and we will verify the product is a stabilized, patented formula of NADH, we will be glad to verify the product for you.  Here are some of the product names of the patented formula: 

  • Co E1 


Let the Buyer Beware of the Fake NADH
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