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The Endurance Athlete and NADH - DEL

Olympic athletes are now taking NADH to improve both their endurance, stamina and performance records. It is not a drug, and not a stimulant. It has been approved for use by the International Olympic Committee. It is Mother Nature way to improve muscle endurance and performance.
Dr Birkmayer says “an athlete could consume anywhere from 5mg to 20mg of NADH daily, and athletic endurance will improve.” The Olympic athletes in the videos below take 20mg of NADH daily.

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Every living cell within the human body contains NADH. The Biological term for NADH is "coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH)." NADH is the co-enzyme that is critical to the production of cellular energy. Cellular energy is called ATP or life’s energy. Brain cells use the most cellular energy. The heart cells use the second most amount of ATP, and then the muscles. It is no coincidence that these cells with a lot of ATP; also hold the highest concentrations of NADH. For example, human heart cells contain 90 mcg of NADH per gram of heart cell tissue. (That is an enormous amount.)
Athletes find that having higher concentrations of NADH in their muscles enables them to have increased endurance and improved performance scores. Many of our customers are endurance athletes. And since 2014, NADH now has Olympic athletes as customers. Higher volumes of cellular NADH, provides higher volumes of ATP, which provides incredible benefits to an athlete’s muscles.
Energy is constantly flowing within each cell throughout the human body. Muscles use energy. Cells with NADH make more energy available -- in a tablet or lozenge form. What could be easier than taking a tablet or lozenge and have more energy? Muscles in your body could be given this new found source of ATP life’s energy (physical human energy). Each of the muscle cells is re-energized one cell at a time.

Is your diet supplying a sufficient level of NADH?
We are all born with a lot of NADH. After all, kids have an enormous amount of energy. As we grow older, our bodies use its NADH and our diet replenishes the body's NADH requirements. Just like most other vitamins and nutritional substances, NADH is not produced by the human body. A person must obtain NADH from their diet.
Endurance athletes want a lot more ATP for the muscles to perform better. Taking a daily NADH supplement is the easiest and most effective way to increase cellular levels of NADH (and ATP). Endurance athletes (Olympic athletes) train 24 hrs a day. All day, every day, they watch what they eat, consume an energy enriching-diet; monitor how much they sleep, and so much more. And yet we find that the Olympic athletes tested before taking NADH and then tested after taking NADH have better performance scores (after taking NADH). NADH must in some way be depleted in their bodies or their performance scores could not increase.
When cellular NADH declines, cellular energy production also declines. With a NADH nutritional supplement, depleted NADH molecules are immediately replaced. With each new working NADH molecule, cellular energy production increases.
For additional about Mother Nature’s production of ATP energy, see this website’s section called The Guided Tour

With this knowledge it stands to reason, taking a NADH daily supplement will increase an endurance athlete’s muscles to perform. If the athlete doesn't feel the positive effects while taking the NADH supplements -- don't worry. Because you bought the NADH from us, at The NADH Store, we will refund your money in full (less shipping costs) within 30 days from the date of purchase -- no questions asked. There is no risk in trying the NADH you bought from The NADH Store.
Once the NADH nutritional supplement is in your cells, the positive enhanced performance and stamina benefits are wonderful. The positive physical (and mental) effects will vary depending upon how and why the NADH is being taken, and how much NADH is needed. Most feel a difference within the first few days. Some feel the positive effects after 18 days (taking 5mg a day.) Individual results will vary. In all cases, the more NADH the cells have, the muscles of an endurance athlete will increase in both stamina and performance.









NADH Energizes Mental Performance and Physical Endurance

Every living cell within the human body contains NADH. The Biology term of NADH is "coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH)." NADH is the co-enzyme that is critical to the production of cellular energy . Cellular energy is called ATP. The human body's cells that use the most cellular energy are the brain, the heart and the muscle cells. It is no coincidence that these cells also hold the highest concentration of NADH. Example, human heart cells contain 90 mcg of NADH per gram of heart cell tissue. (You may not know this but that is an enormous amount.)



Cellular Respiration process is NOT breathing. The cellular respiration process, within the cell's mitochondria, it takes in oxygen and glucose -- NADH provides the spark to produced ATP energy -- and the output is carbon dioxide and water vapor. Cellular respiration requires NADH to synthesize ATP. The Biology term for ATP is adenosine triphosphate. ATP is the human body’s primary source of life energy. The more NADH the cell has, the more ATP (performance energy) is created. Every energy-consuming reaction in the human body requires ATP. Now you can see why the more NADH a cell has, the more energy that is produced. To keep up with the demand for energy, the body continuously synthesizes NADH.


Although NADH occurs naturally in all plant and animal cells, it is most plentiful sources are wild game meat, red meat, poultry and yeast. Vegetables are not as rich in NADH as animal tissues, because food processing, cooking and stomach acids destroy the NADH present in most foods. Sprinkling yeast on meals has been known to be a good way to increase NADH consumption.


It took the diligence of three generations of Dr. Birkmayers (Grandfather, Father, Son), and decades of testing and experimentation, and using today's technology Dr. Birkmayer is able to synthesize (and patent) the only stabilize form of NADH. Don't be fooled by other nadh supplements. If they are not from the Dr Birkmayer's patented process, then they are not the NADH product you would want to take. Dr. Birkmayer's NADH is the only product we sell in various dosages.


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