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Increase Your EnergySummary:
Energy is constantly flowing within each cell throughout the human body. Muscles use energy for movement. The brain 
uses energy for memory and thinking.  This picture shows a nerve cell passing information in the form of energy.

Imagine See the ATP energy flowing up the nerve cell to the braincapturing this energy and making it available to you in a tablet form. What could be easier than taking this energy enriched tablet? All of the 60 trillion cells in your body could be given this new found source of physical human energy. Each of the 60 trillion cells are given new energy, and are re-energized one cell at a time.

Significant Achievements:
Today, medical science technology has made it possible to make "re-energizing each and every cell" a reality. "Active N-A-D-H" is now available as a nutritional supplement. The availability of active NADH in this easy-to-use tablet form is a significant scientific achievement.

  • It's a significant achievement to re-energize each and every cell, like brain cells used in memory. These cells may have degenerated or lost their energy from old age, stress or disease.
  • It's a significant achievement in the new healthcare sector called "Anti-Aging healthcare maintenance." Around the world, there is an explosive growth in information, methods, products and treatments that target the symptoms most people associate with old age.
  • It's a significant achievement in achieving "Well Care Living." As the percentage of the population reaches 45+ years, these people realize simple, easy, life-style and dietary changes become necessary.  Today, people don't want to grow old gracefully. They want to defy it. Their goal is maintain a healthy, active life style as they grow old. With the many clinically tested benefits, NADH is becoming their "well care" daily dietary nutritional supplement.
  • It's a significant achievement that much of the funding for medical research now seeks preventative health care methods to reduce the risks of contracting chronic or degenerative diseases instead of researching how to cure a disease once you have it.
  • It's a significant achievement that ENADA / Co-E1 / NADH is the nutritional supplement that has been tested under the FDA Approved clinical testing guidelines for use in degenerative medical conditions.  Almost all vitamins and nutritional supplements do not need FDA Approved testing and therefore do not expend the high cost of clinical testing.  .


Available only from NADH:
NADH gives a boost in cellular energy.  Being able to obtain this energy from a nutritional supplement is enormously important. This new energy source is only available from a stabilized form of active NADH. Active NADH is only found in the ENADA / Co-E1 / NADH nutritional supplement.

NADH or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a natural co-enzyme with the ‘H’ standing for hydrogen. ENADA / Co-E1 / NADH is the only stabilized NADH product we found that contains the active ‘H’ representing an active hydrogen electron. It is the active hydrogen electron that provides the spark in the creation of cellular energy.


The cell like a car engine provides the power

How the NADH Supplement Works:
A person taking the ENADA / Co-E1/ NADH as a daily nutritional supplement will have a sufficient amount of NADH within their body. When people admit that their body is energy deficient, what they are saying is their diet is NADH deficient. When taking NADH, their energy level naturally increases.  NADH plays a primary role in creating energy in each cell (4).

When each cell is provided the life sustaining nourishment of glucose (digested food) and oxygen (O2), NADH must also be present to create energy (also known as ATP).  To use an analogy of a car engine, glucose is compared to gas, oxygen is compared to air, and NADH NADH provides the spark - like a spark plugis compared to a spark plug.    It is the spark provided by NADH that turns glucose & O2 into human energy (ATP).  This ATP energy runs the engines of life (i.e., every beat of your heart, every electric impulse of your nerves, every move of your muscle, etc.) Te human cell uses this ATP energy to physically stay alive.  Without a spark plug's spark, the gas would not be turned into energy.   In biology, turning glucose fuel into energy within each and every cell is called cellular respiration.   Cellular respiration is not breathing.

In cellular respiration, ten NADH molecules are needed to turn one glucose Glucose is the fuelmolecule into many units of ATP (physical human energy).  For additional information on ATP see the section called: "ATP Life's Energy."  In cellular respiration, when 1 of the 10 NADH molecules are missing , the energy output decreases  by 7.89%.

Overtime, somehow the body becomes depleted of its minerals and vitamins (e.g., A, B1, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, etc.). And just like other vitamins, somehow the body becomes depleted of NADH.   When we eat a healthy diet and/or take daily nutritional supplements, the body refills its empty cells of what is needed.

Is your diet supplying a sufficient level of NADH?
We are all born with an ample supply of NADH.  As anyone grows older, your diet replenishes the body's NADH requirements.  Just like all other vitamins and nutritional substances, NADH is not produced by the human body. A person must obtain NADH from their diet. (For additional information about the dietary sources of NADH, see the section called: FAQs).

It is a biological fact, poor diet or poor nutritional absorption causes a NADH deficiency.  When NADH is missing, cell energy production declines. Biology defines aging as a transition from an energy rich state to an energy poor state.    With a NADH nutritional supplement, depleted NADH molecules are immediately replaced. With each new working NADH molecule, cellular energy production increases at the following rate:

  • 1 NADH molecule increases cellular energy production by      7.89%.
  • 2 NADH molecules increases cellular energy production by 15.78%.
  • 3 NADH molecules increases cellular energy production by 23.67%.
  • 4 NADH molecules increases cellular energy production by 31.56%.
  • 5 NADH molecules increases cellular energy production by 39.45%.

For additional information about this topic, take The Guided Tour NADH in Nature.


NADH: It's many other benefits:
There are many clinically tested benefits from NADH.  This website

provides explanations on only a limited number of NADH provides the spark just like a spark plug - no spark = no energythem.  There are so many benefits NADH is known as an all-around "well care" and as the "anti-aging" nutritional supplement.  Years of clinical research has found that NADH plays many other key roles within the human body.  They are:

  • As mentioned here, NADH plays a primary role in cellular energy production. Taking an NADH supplement provides a new source for increase cellular energy.
  • NADH palys a crucial in process of repairing & replacing damaged and wounded cells.
  • NADH has a fundamental role in repairing cellular DNA, which is required to keep reproducing good & healthy cells.
  • NADH plays an active role in the body's immune system. Taking an a NADH supplement is proven to enhance and energize the body's immune system used in fighting off diseases.
  • NADH is the most biologically potent antioxidant in nature. Scientifically speaking: NADH, on the basis of its biochemical features, has the strongest positive effect in fighting off free radicals and their potential to do damage.  Free radicals damage is known be the starting point for over 80 different old-age or degenerative diseases.
  • NADH has direct positive involvement in the production and regulation of important compounds within the human body. For example, clinical studies have proven NADH enables the body's creation of depleted brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are the brain chemicals used to improve memory, thinking, decision making, a sense of well being, and so much more


Improving the Quality of Life:
NADH is now a nutritional supplementTaking an NADH nutritional supplement increases cellular energy production.  Cell longevity and life extension can be the result of taking an NADH supplement.. However, what good is a longer life if quality of life declines?  Mobility, cognitive impairment and memory problems are major causes that decline the quality of life. In other sections of this website, we will show how NADH plays an active role in improving mobility, alertness, thinking, in cognitive functions (like memory & decision making), it increase sex drive, mood, muscle strength, coordination, and so much more. ENADA / Co-E1 / NADH is the nutritional supplement for people who want to increase, enhance and extend their Quality of Life.

Clinical studies have shown the more NADH the brain has, the better off the brain is. OK, so NADH won't prevent aging, but NADH could be taken to prevent the symptoms associated with old age.


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