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Copy of Depression - NADH a successful anti depressant

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Copy of Depression - NADH a successful anti depressant

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NADH a successful depression treatment


Good news, 93% of depression patients exhibited a beneficial effect with positive improvements of up to 44% while taking NADH.   These results were proven in a clinical study of 205 patients that were suffering with depressive symptoms.   These 205 patients had varying degrees of depressive symptoms.  Every patient took 10mg of NADH daily.  The therapy was monitored for 310 days.  Some depressive symptom patients showed beneficial results in 6 days, other patients took longer.  

In one of his latest seminars, Dr Birkmayer, (the Doctor that developed stabilized NADH in a oral tablet form,) stated that “not all depressions are the same” and using a higher daily dose would have been better in the clinical trial. Dr Birkmayer recommended a patient with Depression should take 20mg (or more) of NADH daily to experience the up to 44% positive improvement their condition. (See the one hour long video Dr. Birkmayer Teaches about NADH: The Good and the Bad)    


What Was Learned From The Study? 

According to Dr. Birkmayer, we learned there are different types of physiological depression with varying degrees of depressive symptoms.  Clinical research testing has proven that NADH has a direct, positive impact on 93% of the people suffering from depression.  According to Dr. Birkmayer, during the clinical testing the NADH dosage should have been higher, potentially 20mg of NADH daily.  NADH did not interfere, nor have any negative side effects when taken with Prozac or other popular anti-depressive symptom medications.


DEPRESSION: The Illness:

NADH successful at treating depressionIn many cases, depression is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain.  Example, clinical testing has proved Parkinson Disease depression is caused by brain chemical imbalances.   The depression is brought on when the brain cells that produce dopamine die. NADH is nature's own antidepressant.

Some types of depression are psychological. The symptoms include sleeping and/or eating disturbances, lack of concentration, problems at work, problems at home, intense feelings of emptiness, guilt, worthlessness, and at times suicidal thoughts. A depressive illness is different than a temporary "blue mood," grief, or a major disappointment or loss. These temporary states may have both psychological and physiological (or biochemical) components. Many people with depression improve significantly with psychological treatments along with anti-depressant medication. These two treatments are often used in combination.


The Good News:

In this clinical trial, 93% of the of 205 patients with depressive symptoms, benefited from taking NADH. Clinical trial research has proven that NADH alone has a direct, positive impact on people suffering from physiological depression. In many cases, the brain chemicals (known as neurotransmitters) imbalances caused the depression. Clinical studies have proven NADH stimulates the production of many different brain neurotransmitters including dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. For more information about neurotransmitter production see this website's section called "rebuilding neurotransmitters."

As stated, NADH stimulates the human body's production of the brain chemical called "dopamine." Dopamine is rich in providing many valuable brain fuction capabilities. Dopamine has a direct, positive effect on the physiological functions of concentration, drive, up-lifting mood, strength, and coordination.     Dopamine balances the body's appetite for food.   Dopamine and its interaction with serotonin improves the body's sleeping abilities.  Dopamine's has the ability to enhance the feelings of drive, mood, strength, concentration, and coordination.   Dopamine fights against the feelings of depression, the lack of concentration, the intense feelings of emptiness, guilt, and worthlessness.


Doctors' Experiences:

For more than 10 years, there has been a large number of patients who are taking NADH daily. Doctors' observations were their patients feel better. Even after 10 years, none of the patients experienced any negative side effects. A growing number of physicians are administering NADH to their patients who suffer from Parkinson's disease (and its accompanying depression.) Feedback has been very positive. We have Doctors saying.....NADH is the best anti-depressive substance they have ever experienced. Research has proven that NADH does not interfere with Prozac, or any other popular anti-depressive symptom medication.


Clinical Study on Depression:

This website has included the Clinical Study on Depression. The study is technical in nature and is usually read by healthcare professionals. If needed, you can print out the actual clinical study and bring it to your doctor or healthcare professional. Get their comment and recommendation.


Where Can Someone Get the NADH that was Administered in this Study?

The type of NADH that was used in this study is available from this website, The NADH Store or other high quality nutritional supplement stores. See the section called, "Buyer Beware," because not all NADH nutritional supplements are alike.


NADH a successful all natural anti-depressantClinical Study:





Clinical Study Finds a 93% Success Rate when taking NADH as a Anti Depressant





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